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Membership Eligibility

Membership Is Free For Life

Membership in NYTEFCU is free. When you join, the first account you open is a Share account. It is referred to as "share" because as a financial cooperative, members own the Credit Union. Your initial deposit of $25 to open a Share account represents your "share" of ownership. It is not a fee; it goes directly into your newly established account, and begins earning interest the day you deposit it.

As "part-owner" of the Credit Union, you will have full access to the many convenient money-saving products, education and services we offer. Membership in NYTEFCU is a benefit available to you for a lifetime, even if you change jobs, relocate or retire. What's more, your immediate family members or those who live in your household are also eligible to join.  Please call 212-354-0351 for additional information on membership eligibility.

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