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Secured Loans

Stock Secured Loans

You can use your shares of New York Times stock as collateral for this loan up to 75% of the market value. You'll have options with rates and terms that will meet your specific needs, with terms up to 12 years.

Share Secured Loans

You may have funds available in your Share account but may not want to use your savings for a larger purchase. You can borrow against your regular shares up to 100% of eligible balances. Because there's no credit approval required, this is a great way to get a great interest rate on a loan for special purchases without dipping into your hard-earned savings.

Share Certificate Secured (formerly CD Secured)

If you have a Share Certificate, it can be used as collateral for this fixed rate loan. This loan's term is the same length as the term of the Certificate.The loan rate is 3% above the Certificate rate.